Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

There Are Rules
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The band first teased the release of an album in the summer of 2009. The band posted photos on their Twitter  showing them working in a recording studio. At this time there was much speculation as to whether or not the band was working  on an album. While they were on the European leg of their reunion tour, TGUK confirmed that they were writing songs and would be playing at least one of the them on the tour. During a session with

Next, the band's front man, Matthew Pryor confirmed that they have recorded nine new songs, and will be recording another twelve to release on three 7-track EPs, most likely on limited-run 12" vinyl.

Then, On February 15, 2010 the band announced that they would be self-releasing a new EP entitled Simple Science, their first studio release in six years. The 4-song EP was released on 12" colored vinyl and CD in April.

On October 29, 2010, The band officially announced their fifth full-length studio album, There Are Rules, to be released on January 25, 2011. It was also released at that time that the album would not be released on Vagrant Records, the label that had been the band's home for their past three records, but on their own Quality Hill Records. The album was produced by Ed Rose, who has worked with the band many times before, and mixed by Bob Weston, the producer of the band's album, Four Minute Mile. Several of the tracks were recorded during the same session as the Simple Science EP, the track "Keith Case" appears on both releases.

The Verdict

The album is a step in a new direction for the band. They traded in their soft melodic sounds for something noisier and edgier. They have written an album that incorporates that sound's of all of their side projects creating a new sound. The band has come back with new energy. I enjoyed the album very much and like where the band is going. The new edgier sound adds a layer to their work that was missing before. I hope to see more releases like this from the band.

Listen to...

Rally Around the Fool - Nowhere on the album is the bands new darker sound more apparent   than this morose tune that opens up with noisy and ends beautifully. This song would not have fit on any album    the band has released thus far. 

Keith Case - Loved it when the band released it on their Simple Science EP and still enjoy it now. The song gives a sense of the energy that the band brings to the table when writing songs. The lyrics and sound play together perfectly to make for a great song.

When It Dies - This song starts off with powerful drums screeching guitar and softly sung lyrics and swells into a torrent of sound. I listened to the song twice in a row because I enjoyed it so much.

The Rating: 4/5

The album is a step forward for the band, but that is not to say that this step is in any real direction. The band comes up short when it comes to showing any real direction on this album. The album is easy to listen to and well written, but the songs do not seem to fit in any way. The band has made an important step and I hope to see where it takes them in future. For now I am happy to listen to this album.

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