Monday, June 6, 2011

Foster The People - Torches


Torches [+Digital Booklet]
The Debut Album

This band has seen a quick rise to relative stardom with their debut single Pumped Up Kicks. The band has had little time to establish themselves before being thrust in front of fans playing SXSW, Coachella, and Lolapalooza all the same year. With the May 24th release of their debut, Torches, the band has proved themselves worthy of listening to. I would find it hard to see this band going anywhere. Their catchy, electro, indie, pop appeal allows the band to range their sound. The result is a musical journey that flows from the highest heights to the lowest, smoothest lows. 

The band itself was started in 2009 when Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion) was working writing jingles for TV ads. In an interview with Spinner Foster said the following of that time, "I've been composing for commercials off and on for a few years. Pretty much right when I got brought on full-time as a music composer is when Foster the People started. It was great, because it was the first time in my life when I didn't have to work at a restaurant. I got to quit my coffee job. Being able to go into a studio and make music for a living was amazing. Working at [the music production company] Mophonics ... I attribute that job to a lot of the reason why the band is where we're at now." 

The band forges a sound that blends elements of MGMT, with those of the Beatles, and even Imogen Heap. The reason for this variation of sounds comes from Foster's creative songwriting. He stated in the Spinner interview that he felt that album was versatile but it all works together. I completely agree with this because the band employs such different sounds on each song, but the album has flows naturally between songs.

The Verdict
The band has proven itself worthy of merit not only through their single that climbed to number 2 on Billboard's alternative charts. They have continued to prove themselves worthy of listening to with this debut. I look forward to future efforts from this fledgling group. I can't wait to see where their sound goes. For now I'll be listening to Torches.    4.5/5
Listen To
Call It What You Want - This song showcases the bands dance beats at their prime. The vocals and overall              sound of this song makes it unforgettable. 

Pumped Up Kicks - This song is the bands debut single that prompted 222,.000 digital downloads it's necessary listening.