Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kevin Devine - Nervous Energies Session

Bad Books
Bad Books Debut Album

I have already spoken once before about the amazing artist that is Kevin Devine. Today I was browsing around and stumbled across this set that he did for Nervous Energies. The set includes four songs, 3 of which are off of his upcoming album, and another which is a song taken from Kevin's side project Bad Books. The band is comprised of all of the members of Manchester Orchestra with the addition of Kevin and featuring Ben Homola on drums (Thanks Ashley). The band melds the styles of both acts (Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra) to create a sound that is neither one nor the other. Their debut, self-titled album,  is a staggering work that gives me hope for the music that the group will make together.

Now, as for the 4 song set that Kevin played at Nervous Energies the set consisted of the songs, Between the Concrete and Clouds, Luxemburg, and 11.17.10 all from his upcoming release, Between the Concrete and Clouds. Kevin also played the song You Are a Mirror I Cannot Avoid from Bad Books' debut album.

The first track of the set, I posted a video of last week and is titled, Between the Concrete and Clouds. This version is a stripped down acoustic. Kevin sings the song in a very personal way and really conveys the lyrics to the listener through his emotional performance. This song makes me excited to hear the full release of the album.

The next track was another unreleased track off of the upcoming album called, Luxemburg. This song is right at home in Kevin's catalog of songs. The song has a sweet melody and a slow tempo. The lyrics are especially captivating as has become the standard for Kevin's songs over his career. The song tells a story that only Kevin could convey. Filled with regret for past mistakes and past loves. This is truly a great song.

The third song that Kevin performed for his set is titled 11.17.10. This was my favorite of the three songs off of the upcoming album. The song has a powerful tone that takes hold of the listener and does not let go. The video speaks for itself.

The final song of the set is titled, You Are a Mirror I Cannot Avoid and is from the Bad Books debut album. This song is another acoustic to fill out the set. Kevin kills the song. Let the video speaks for itself.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Manchester Orchestra - Song Premiere!

Simple Math
Simple Math The Title Track!

Some of you may know about this band from their last release, Mean Everything To Nothing. This album was explosive for this Atlanta based band. Their sound combines the energy of rock with a softer indie tone. The result is noisy at times, melodic mostly, and excellent always. I was lucky to have caught on to this act early with their release of the album, I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child with its release in 2006. The six song debut speaks for itself.

Now for the exciting news. The band is debuting a song off their upcoming album Simple Math tomorrow at 12 noon on the Red Bull Facebook page. The song they will be premiering is titled "April Fool". The event was release on the band's Homepage. The blog has gotten me excited to get another taste from the upcoming release on May 10, 2011.

Here is a picture of Andy Hull,

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 1000th View!!

Wow I did not know what kind of a reaction I would get when starting this blog. You guys and girls have been awesome with your words of encouragement. Thank you for supporting what I thought would be a passing idea but has turned into a working obsession for me. I am grateful to you all. I will continue tomorrow with another update.

Simple Math
Preview of my next topic. :]

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz

Pictured Above: Sufjan Stevens

The Age of Adz

This newest effort comes from Sufjan only a few months after the All Delighted People EP which premiered earlier in August of 2010. The Age of Adz displays a powerful new side of Sufjan's work. The music is multi-layered as usual, with the multi-instrumentalist taking up as many as possible to fill out the sound of the songs. Each song has its own personality. The instruments build to chrashing crescendo and then ease up to allow soft piano strokes greet the listener with a soft reproach. The music flows at a nice pace and the songs seem to follow one another. So now to the verdict.

When I first got my hands on this album I found myself underwhelmed with the sound of it. I pushed it off to the side and paid it no mind. I gave it a few more listens recently and it has come back into my daily listening. I feel like the songs are well written and enjoyable. The album has great flow and depth and showcases Sufjan at his best. I would recommended this anyone that enjoys Sufjan's other works or wants something mellow and new in their  collections.

This is a song off of Sufjan's 50 States Project from the state of Illinois. This song is a lot simpler than the songs on Age of Adz and may be an easier listen for first time Sufjan listeners. I enjoy both.

Amazon Link to this album.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brian Bonz Dee the Dinosaur Premiere.

This Video Premiered on this site, in May 2009. The song is from Brian's first full length album, From Sumi to Japan. I have this album on Vinyl and it is an excellent listen. The quality of the vinyl recording really adds to the sound of his voice. The album is available here.

From Sumi To Japan
Amazon Link to From Sumi To Japan. Check it out. ^^

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brian Bonz interview.

The Triborough Odyssey
^^^Link to Amazon's Mp3 if you want to check him out. </ad>

Brian Bonz is a singer/songwrighter from Brooklyn new york. He has his own brand of indie folk music that soothes the soul and tells a tale. His newest effort The Triborough Odyssey tells of tales of Brian's life in Brooklyn starting in Carnarsie and eventually ending in Sunset Park. He even commented on the rise of the music scene in the area and of Williamsburg in general. This article provides a better feel with answers from the man himself.

I have even spoken personally with Mr. Bonz about this album. He said some interesting things to me in a Facebook chat where I approached him to express my fondness of his tunes. It was an awesome thing getting my chance to talk to a hero. He's a cool guy with an interesting voice, honest sound, and great lyrics.


Listen to: From Sumi to Japan on Vinyl.

I had the chance to experience Mr. Bonz and his band twice live. Once with Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine, and then again in support of Kevin Devine with Miniature Tigers and another local Pittsburgh Band at the Altar Bar. Both shows he was excellent and even played with the other artists. He adds a lot to the other groups by giving on a new personality to their music. No doubting this man isn't a great performer. Go Check Him out.

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This is a good listen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brother's Blood
Kevin's Latest effort.

This is a video of Kevin Devine's new song, Between the Concrete and Clouds from his upcoming album of the same name. The video is live from the Basement in Columbus, Ohio. I saw him earlier on this same tour and it was excellent. He is a great performer and person. I would recommend that you go see him if you have the chance. His shows are very personal, entertaining, and you will most likely meet him. He runs his own merch table and he and the band are always hanging around. Ask him anything you want and don't be shy. He talked to my girlfriend and I for ten minutes because hardly anyone was paying him any mind. The show was great and this video showcases the feel of his live shows and the music. The vocals on the video aren't that great but trust me Kevin can really belt it out and grab you with his music. Check him out.

Kevin Devine- "Between the Concrete and Clouds"-Live

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p.s. Thanks to everyone that has been checking out my blog and commenting I really appreciate it.

James Vincent McMorrow

Early In The Morning
Amazon MP3 Download

James Vincent McMorrow is a product of Dublin, Ireland. He has toured with the likes of Tracy Chapman, Bon Iver, and Iron and Wine. This singer and songwriter is renowned for his rich falsetto voice. I can only imagine that seeing him live would be a treat because his recorded music has an organic feel. As if in the recording session the whole band sat down, hit record, and started playing. His natural talent is undeniable and his up and coming nature speaks for itself. His debut full-length album, Early In the Morning, released on, Vagrant records is a showcase of his songwriting and vocal talents. He recorded the eleven song album by himself in a cottage near his home.

Of the album itself McMorrow described it as being, "Harmony-driven pastoral folk-pop music, in a nutshell!" Which might not be for all audiences but I am sure that some will find the warm tones and rich harmonies right at home in their musical tastes. The album has a flow to it that takes the listener on a journey from start to finish and leaves the listener satisfied and wanting for more. The album first became available in the January of this year after being released in Europe for some time. I hope that my U.S. listeners will find this Dubliner at home in their musical collections. The album is well worth the price tag as you will be listening to it for days.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Statement of My Mission

The goal of this blog is to introduce those of you with a limited taste in music to random artists that tickle my fancy. I hope to explore more deeply the careers of artists that I already know and love and others that are new to me. I will update as much as possible to keep the artists fresh and so that we can all learn. Comments are welcomed and encouraged and suggestions for new artists are very very welcome. 

I look forward to experiencing new music with you and for you.

Godspeed and good luck,
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