Friday, March 25, 2011

Brian Bonz interview.

The Triborough Odyssey
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Brian Bonz is a singer/songwrighter from Brooklyn new york. He has his own brand of indie folk music that soothes the soul and tells a tale. His newest effort The Triborough Odyssey tells of tales of Brian's life in Brooklyn starting in Carnarsie and eventually ending in Sunset Park. He even commented on the rise of the music scene in the area and of Williamsburg in general. This article provides a better feel with answers from the man himself.

I have even spoken personally with Mr. Bonz about this album. He said some interesting things to me in a Facebook chat where I approached him to express my fondness of his tunes. It was an awesome thing getting my chance to talk to a hero. He's a cool guy with an interesting voice, honest sound, and great lyrics.


Listen to: From Sumi to Japan on Vinyl.

I had the chance to experience Mr. Bonz and his band twice live. Once with Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine, and then again in support of Kevin Devine with Miniature Tigers and another local Pittsburgh Band at the Altar Bar. Both shows he was excellent and even played with the other artists. He adds a lot to the other groups by giving on a new personality to their music. No doubting this man isn't a great performer. Go Check Him out.

The speaker has spoken.
This is a good listen.


  1. Just realized how incredible the name of this blog is. Nice post, too.

  2. Just letting you know your link to From Sumi to Japan on Vinyl is broken theres a c before http :P

  3. Thanks Kenzie I might have never found that. Thanks for reading. :]

  4. Hey the way I think of it is this: if you get to talk directly to your favorite musician, be it in person, or even through chat, you have committed a great deed! Keep rocking to Bonz and his band, they make great music