Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Manchester Orchestra - Song Premiere!

Simple Math
Simple Math The Title Track!

Some of you may know about this band from their last release, Mean Everything To Nothing. This album was explosive for this Atlanta based band. Their sound combines the energy of rock with a softer indie tone. The result is noisy at times, melodic mostly, and excellent always. I was lucky to have caught on to this act early with their release of the album, I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child with its release in 2006. The six song debut speaks for itself.

Now for the exciting news. The band is debuting a song off their upcoming album Simple Math tomorrow at 12 noon on the Red Bull Facebook page. The song they will be premiering is titled "April Fool". The event was release on the band's Homepage. The blog has gotten me excited to get another taste from the upcoming release on May 10, 2011.

Here is a picture of Andy Hull,

The speaker hath spoke.


  1. Haven't heard of this band, but I like the description, I'll probably givem a listen

  2. Awesome band! I just checked them on YouTube! Following!

  3. they have an interesting sound.

  4. Great band, love the new sound!

  5. Something new for me, thanks for sharing!